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Learning to sew thanks to my daughter.

We've started to learn how to sew around these parts and I am very excited about it. Honestly, home economics from high school was where I "learned" how to sew however it's been over 20 years, so I'm relearning the process. My mother was a wonderful seamstress. (Apparently they are called sewist these days but that is for another time.)  She had a great Pfaff machine that had all sorts of bells and whistles that I inherited 5 years ago.  Since she isn't around for me to ask "What is this for? or What is the trick for this??", I...

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Football Season Jewelry

Now that summer is officially we can focus on the impeding holiday season.  We have Halloween, which will be on a Tuesday this year, Thanksgiving, and Christmas coming very quickly.  As I mentioned last week, we decided to focus on different available gifts that we have to showcase our wares.  Most of our gifts are intended to be something small or sparkly at a good price so you don't have to break the bank.   Since football season is here, we have a couple of different options for you.  We have a beautiful Fleur-de-Lis necklace that would look great a...

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Christmas Planning Already? Our Hair Ties are great for Stocking Stuffers!

This week has been a busy one for us at Just Because.  We have been ordering and receiving some new material in preparation for the Christmas season that is coming.  Many of our gifts are quick and easy stocking stuffers, teacher gifts, and gifts for friends.  Since we have such a wide option of items, we wanted to highlight one each week. We have started selling elastic hair ties.  The ties are soft on your hair and don't leave the typical creases like other pony tail holders do.  These are great for children and are also fashion accessories as we...

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A Very Sad Weekend

This weekend has turned out to be a terribly sad weekend with all of the rain that has fallen on the Greater Baton Rouge areas.  Most of these areas are locations that had never flooded before therefore did not have flood insurance.  It will be a battle with the insurance companies as well as the federal government for financial assistance if Katrina was any kind of precursor. While it isn't much, we hand make worry stones and package them with short simple little poems to encourage calming energies while facing a scary world.  We would like to send these out...

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Serenity Now!

With back to school kicking off for us in the New Orleans area, everyone is starting to get back into the school routine.  This includes getting the kids on to the bus on time, doing homework, and remembering where the school zones are.  School time is a great opportunity for our children to grow academically as well as socially but for at least the next week, craziness will ensue in our lives.   Our solution for that is our Serenity Now Kit.  This gift comes with a Serenity Bottle that you shake gently to stir the glitter then watch it...

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