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Post Valentine's Day Gift Giving

Part of the reason, we started Just Because - XOXO is because occasionally you will have loved ones that need a "Pick-me-up" or a quick "Hi".  Valentine's Day is a great day to celebrate your love however it shouldn't be the only day.  Our motto is "Don't wait for a holiday or birthday to send some love.  Send some love today. Just Because! - XOXO"  Its a simple approach.  Tell your friends and family today that you are thinking of them.  Don't wait!  

Our gifts are meant to be an inexpensive option compared to the traditional flowers or candy.  Therefore you can send them more often or to more people.  They range from Worry Stones to a Box of Sunshine.  We've got gifts for children and adults alike.  All of the gifts have a little something extra, a unique poem, to make the gift meaningful.  We will even personally deliver the gifts in the greater New Orleans area.

So if you know someone who really helped you out of a bind, why not send them the "You're a Life Saver" thank you gift.  Or maybe you need a little reminder of the blessings in your own life.  The Blessing Box is the perfect gift for yourself. We can even help you customize your gift to make it perfect. We are trying to spread love and smiles with our gifts not just sell something.  Send some love today.  Just Because!!  - XOXO

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