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Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!  This weekend looks like it will be a wonderful weekend to get into your garden and get started cleaning up from Fall and Winter.  Of course, that means that Home Depot and Lowe's will be very crowded so you might want to get your gardening supplies picked up early.  There will be few flowers and plants come Sunday. Trust me!

I will be working on some bird feeder gifts to put around our yard. The ones that I have picked look pretty using tea cups and saucers and wine bottles.  I want to find out how sturdy they are and will let you know.  I hope they end up looking great and will be a good addition to the Just Because gift collection.  My mother was an avid bird watcher so this would be right up her alley!

Best of luck for the weekend crowds.  When Monday turns out to be a rainy dreary day, maybe look into sending a Box of Sunshine to a friend.  This will help brighten your day as well as theirs!  Don't wait for a holiday or birthday to send some love.  Send some love today.  Just Because! - XOXO

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