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A Very Sad Weekend

This weekend has turned out to be a terribly sad weekend with all of the rain that has fallen on the Greater Baton Rouge areas.  Most of these areas are locations that had never flooded before therefore did not have flood insurance.  It will be a battle with the insurance companies as well as the federal government for financial assistance if Katrina was any kind of precursor.

While it isn't much, we hand make worry stones and package them with short simple little poems to encourage calming energies while facing a scary world.  We would like to send these out to any one that believes they need one or would like to share one with those affected.  We will do this until our supplies run out or until the need runs out.

Please email us at jblexoxo@gmail.com to request one of these worry stones to be shipped out.  We will do our very best to get them to where they need to be.  If you would like a personalized note to be sent with the stone, please include your note within your email. Our only request is that the requests be for those individuals within the South Louisiana affected area.

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