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Happy Hump Day!

Today would be a great day to send a Box of Sunshine!  It happens to be a bit dreary around the New Orleans area today but that doesn't mean the sunshine can't make an appearance.  Our Box of Sunshine gift is full of brightly colored yellow items and is guaranteed to produce a smile.  We've shipped to many parts of the US helping to brighten days from sea to shining sea.

If you're looking for yourself, why not check out our latest jewelry options.  The cross pendant has a beautiful patina and complement the turquoise chips in one necklace.  While the brass rings surrounding the leather cording bring out the subtle gold tones of the other necklace.  Both are great options for this Fall and would make a wonderful gift for yourself.

As always, don't wait for a birthday or holiday to send some love.  Send some love today! Just Because!!  -XOXO 

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