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Christmas Planning Already? Our Hair Ties are great for Stocking Stuffers!

This week has been a busy one for us at Just Because.  We have been ordering and receiving some new material in preparation for the Christmas season that is coming.  Many of our gifts are quick and easy stocking stuffers, teacher gifts, and gifts for friends.  Since we have such a wide option of items, we wanted to highlight one each week.

We have started selling elastic hair ties.  The ties are soft on your hair and don't leave the typical creases like other pony tail holders do.  These are great for children and are also fashion accessories as we have found.  We have anchor hair ties in a variety of colors including cream, teal, coral pink, navy blue, and purple.  You can pick your color combinations or choose a single color of any of these.  We even have some great Hawaiian themed ones.  All for $3.  A very quick way to start filling the stockings or maximizing your style.  Why not try them out today!

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