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Serenity Now!

With back to school kicking off for us in the New Orleans area, everyone is starting to get back into the school routine.  This includes getting the kids on to the bus on time, doing homework, and remembering where the school zones are.  School time is a great opportunity for our children to grow academically as well as socially but for at least the next week, craziness will ensue in our lives.  

Our solution for that is our Serenity Now Kit.  This gift comes with a Serenity Bottle that you shake gently to stir the glitter then watch it fall slowly to the bottom.  This will give you just a quick minute of peace.  Our gift also includes some ear plugs and playing cards just in case you want to zone the kids out while you try to relax.  Its the perfect solution for the school time craze!  We have two varieties of the bottles: a Saints Serenity Kit, perfect for New Orleans Saints fans and a Teacher's Serenity, perfect for the new school year. 

Keep watching our page for new products as this Fall starts rolling in.  We have many ideas for our jewelry to include wines, chocolates, and mustard colored stones.  These warm hues will be the perfect chance get into the Fall frame of mind.

With summer ending, it also means we will be retiring our gift, the Snowball Kit, until next summer. We likely have at least one more month of hot weather but come October the Snowball Kit will no longer be available so get yours now, if you can!  

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