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Howlite Cross Bracelet

Rosary Beads Bracelet

$ 12.50
Have a lot of reasons to worry? This special bracelet is made to help. The 10 crosses will remind you of where to place your faith. Say the Rosary or Serenity prayer or just gently rub each stone to help relax your worried mind. 

Howlite Greek cross stones with small spacer beads of your choosing. Standard color is sea blue/green. Bracelet measures approximately 7 inches. Bracelet utilizes elastic cording to slip on and off easily.

Please let us know if this items is to be a gift. We will include the following poem if it is a gift:

This bracelet comes to you in your time of need.
A symbol of more than just a deity.
A circle, it makes around your wrist.
Unending is the faith that comes with it.

Faith is something very real.
It is truly based on how you feel.
You need not always look above
To know that you are loved.

Your friend who sent this Just Because
Wanted to remind you of that kind of love.

Poetry, phrases, saying, or other inspirational quotes used in the design of any Just Because gifts are copyright and/or trademark protected to the fullest extent of the law.



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